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[Fall 2021] Pro Bono Consulting: Team 119Reo

Team Members: Yujin Kong, Chaemin Lim, Sojin Jung, Juyeon Kim

Team 119 REO has analyzed the upcycling market trends along with the strengths and weaknesses of the company. The team has found that the company lacks data-driven decision-making and an understanding of consumer patterns, which they aimed to resolve by providing analytical tools.

Team 119REO won the Judge’s Choice Award, which is for the team that received the highest score from the judges for the 2021 Fall Final Showcase. The team has shown a coherent and logical sequence in their presentation of the material and established a framework to consistently develop a sustainable solution for the problems they identified. Through the result of their team project, this team has managed to provide an innovative solution that best embodies SICA’s theme for Sustainability through ESG.


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