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0) Introduction to Workstation

In the fall of 2022, SICA set the social problem theme as "Alignment: Bridging Business Orientation and Human Value", and the Pro Bono Consulting division also aims to connect and match the "Business Orientation" of various social enterprises in Korea. Accordingly, the Social Innovation Creator's Academy team provided pro-bono consulting to four social enterprises in purpose of promoting sustainable development by paying attention to various social phenomena caused by rapid changes in social structure.

1) Social Problem Definition and Activity Objectives

This semester, the Pro Bono Consulting team collaborated with the Social Enterprise Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Sangsangwoori to provide pro-bono consulting to four social enterprises over the course of three months. We provided pro bono consulting to (주)브러쉬랩, (주)담넘어, (주)도그허그 and 사단법인 세상아이 under the theme of "Alignment: Bridging Business Orientation and Human Value."

2) Contents of social innovation activities

A) (주)브러쉬랩

(주)브러쉬랩 is a toothbrush company that is expanding its business from B2B to B2C, and is currently producing its own product named Moonriver365 and distributing it through its mall and Naver Store, but its performance is still low. The main source of income is the production of D6OEM toothbrushes, and currently has a track record that has carried out about 3 projects so far. Both regular plastic toothbrushes and eco-friendly toothbrushes are in production and are characterized by donating 10% of their profits to society. Although the CEO has about 8 years of experience in making toothbrushes from other companies, he is currently in the stage of starting a new business by himself.

Accordingly, (주)브러쉬랩 asked SICA to consult on B2C-related business growth through its products, rebranding and launching new products, and SICA's 브러쉬랩 team planned B2C brand renewal, new products launch, and product distribution market development.

B) (주)담넘어

(주)담넘어 is an outsourcing company that produces metaverse gamification contents based on ZEP, and it is a B2B & B2G business that mainly has public institutions and companies as clients to design metaverse maps according to client requirements. Currently, only three months have passed since the start of the new project, and the previous project was career education project visiting schools and local governments. The main reason for the transition was the lack of profitability. However, the new business has not yet attracted customers and established products for the new business, and there is no request for gamification content.

Accordingly, (주)담넘어 asked SICA to reorganize and establish a new business model and establish a strategy to attract new customers. The team explored its position in the new business development, established a sustainable business model, and conducted rebranding to attract new customers. The team improved the brand image overall through benchmarking by analyzing internal value, business, brand analysis, and external competitors of 담넘어.

C) (주)도그허그

(주)도그허그 is a company that provides animal sympathetic healing services. Currently, a total of three programs are being offered: "Dog서(독서) 교감 놀이" "매너 산책," and "Dog심(心)술 (독심술)." However, the company is facing financial difficulties.

Accordingly, (주)도그허그 asked SICA for a sales growth strategy and a new marketing strategy, and SICA's 도그허그 team worked hard to pioneer a B2C market for long-term sales growth and corporate growth, and for this purpose, branding was implemented.

D) 사단법인 세상아이

사단법인 세상아이 is a non-profit corporation that plans and operates various volunteer and sharing activities to help more people participate in volunteering and sharing. After COVID-19, the company is focusing on operating non-face-to-face kit volunteer business. Although it was operated with donations and profits from the sale of volunteer kits from planning and operating individual, group, and business services, the majority of existing volunteers will gradually decrease after the government's policy change. The company is in a situation where outsourcing is entrusted as needed.

Accordingly, 사단법인 세상아이 asked SICA to introduce a membership system to secure a stable source of income and to improve its promotion/marketing. SICA's team helped supplement its membership business and suggested marketing strategies to target individuals and volunteer groups in their 20s.

3. Future Plans

In the future, the Pro Bono Consulting Team plans to promote mutual development with social innovation student leaders by conducting pro bono consulting to transform social values of ESG's three core values to create a sustainable world where current and future generations will live together.

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