Social Innovation Sessions

IT Operation in partnership with Makerspace i7

WED 20:05-20:55

Social Innovation Session is SICA's unique program in which members are divided into teams and develop their own social venture(startup) projects. Based on each team's analysis of our society's pain points, teams would design their solutions to achieve social innovation. This semester, SICA incorporated technological innovation as the session's main theme among its three important pillars—technological innovation, economic value, and social impact. In partnership with Makerspace i7, members will utilize IT operations in their design thinking process as well as their final product or service in order to achieve the main theme "Human-Centered Technological Innovation". 

Strategy Impact

Pro-bono Consulting to social enterprises

WED 21:00-21:50

In Strategy Impact Session, SICA conducts pro-bono consulting to social enterprises. During the last semesters, SICA has provided private-public partnership pro-bono consulting to 13 social enterprises in collaboration with Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency and POSCO Research Institute. Through pro-bono consulting, SICA provides members opportunities to understand business management of startups and adopt business mindsets by providing them self-developed solutions based on their own research analysis and ideas.

Academic Training Sessions

UIC Alumni Training session

SAT: 3/12, 3/26, 4/2, 5/7, 5/21

Aside from weekly General Sessions, Academic Training Session incubates SICA members' potential by holding short workshops and training significant skills with UIC alumni. SICA invites UIC alumni from diverse industries including consulting, finance, and IT to give practical training sessions on required skills for ongoing projects. Therefore, SICA guides members to achieve high-quality project results at a professional level based on UIC alumni lectures and feedback. 

Spring 2022

Want to be the next generation of our social innovation network? 

Social Innovation Creators’ Academia (SICA) is a student-led academic society where students learn about social innovation and tackle various social issues with creative solutions.

For the Spring 2022 semester, SICA will be tackling two main projects under the theme “Interoperable: Human-Centered Technological Innovation”.

  1.  Pro Bono Consulting to social ventures 

  2.  IT operation venture(start-up) projects with Makerspace i7

  3. Career development lectures

      : Senior Manager at Coupang & Korea Google Workspace Lead at Google Cloud

   4. Networking Sessions with UIC alumni

SICA’s History







Establishment of SICA

Spring Semester Theme “Aging Society, Smart City”

Spring Workshop: “The 4th Industrial Revolution”

Fall Semester Theme “ Child Education, Youth Problem”

2017 Fall Workshop “Single Society”

Spring Semester Theme: “Better Lifestyle for Everyone”

Fall Semester Theme: “Harmony in Society”

Fall Semester Workshop: “Mix & Match”

Beginning of the Pro Bono Consulting Project

Spring Semester Theme: “Generation Z & Millennials”

Spring Semester Workshop: “Going to Newtro”

Fall Semester Theme: “Sustainable Coexistence in a Growing Society”

Fall Semester Worksop: “Chameleon Society

Spring Semester Theme: “Mutual Growth in the Social Innovation Ecosystem”

Fall Semester Theme: Pro Bono Consulting “Social Innovation and Business Mind”

Fall Semester Workshop

: “Untact Society: innovation for the New Normal”

2021 Spring Semester Theme: “Startup Social Responsibility: Strive for Green, People-centered, Transparent Solutions”

2021 Spring Workshop: “SICA x MAKERSPACE i7 Workshop” 

2021 Fall Semester Theme: "Sustainability through ESG"

2021 Fall Workshop: “Metaverse: Diving into the new age”

with Makerspace i7 & IHEI 

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