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How to become a member of SICA

SICA recruits members at the start of each semester. Each applicant should submit their application form through email. All participants will go through an interview with executive members. Please note that student academic associations (학회) at Yonsei University are inherently challenging. They require considerable time investment and commitment to excellence. However, the rewards are great as they prepare you with professional skills that are essential for your future career success. New members of SICA must attend all orientation sessions so please make sure that you adjust your schedule accordingly.

Step 1. Complete application form and submit to



Step 2. Go through an Interview process

Step 3. Become a member of SICA!

Recruitment PLAN (2024-1)
  1. Application Form: 2/5 (Mon) ~ 2/18 (Sun 23:59)

  2. Info Session: Replaced with the Promotional Materials

  3. First Selection Result Notification: 2/19 (Mon)

  4. Interview: 2/21 (Wed) - 2/22 (Thurs) 15:00-18:00, Sinchon Campus (Group Case Study & Debate)

  5. Final Result Notification: 2/24 (Sat)

  6. OT: 2/28 (Wed), Sinchon

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