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SICA aims to incubate global social innovators. The umbrella program is one-way SICA provided financial support for social innovation projects.

SICA teams submitted their project proposals and SICA provided funding to continue development. Teams that qualified for SICA’s agenda on social innovation were recruited and supported with subsidies, network connections, and mentoring. Teams applying for umbrella program had to meet the standards of SICA and share the vision towards making social innovation. Non-SICA members could also apply as a team.

Past umbrella groups include Collage, SOL, and Solvere. Collage (Collaboration of Different Generations) aims to create positive and sustainable changes to this deeply rooted problem of "generation gap" by becoming a connecting bridge between the younger and older generations. SOL (Sex education fOr alL) promotes healthy sex culture for Korean children who lack opportunities to learn about sex education in a conservative society. Solvere is a Sustainable Development and Cooperation major student-led club currently investigating on the Tanzanian coffee branding. Solvere targets to secure the sustainability of local coffee farmers in Tanzania by selling Tanzanian coffee beans in Korea.

Non-SICA members could also apply as a team to be part of SICA’s umbrella group. SICA plans to reach out for partnerships with various teams based on both Korea and international institution for collaborative projects and joint workshops.


The SICA umbrella progrma is currently on hiatus and no applications will be accepted at this time.

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