SICA is a unique platform for discovering a purpose-driven life.

From 2005 to 2016, I worked for over a decade with a fantastic team of professors, staff, students and alumni to build Underwood International College into Korea's premiere Liberal Arts program. I had many fond experience from the early years of UIC, but the memories I cherish most were working with students to shape the identity of a brand new college.

When the founding members of SICA invited me to become their faculty advisor, I recognized that the organization embodies the founding principles of UIC: innovation, creativity and community. SICA is the place where the relationships and networks of Uunderwood International College inspires social innovation and offers the promise of a better future.

Prof. Michael Kim

Former Associate Dean of Underwood International College

Faculty Advisor for SICA


To connect people is to connect thoughts. Communication between people of different backgrounds, cultures, values could build a new way to look at the world.

SICA began with the idea of like-minded youth creating social impact together. Although there are so many passionate students with amazing ideas and potentials to bring innovative changes to the community, they often fail to find the right ways to make it happen.

From there, we worked on launching Social Innovation Creators’ Academia (SICA) as a founder. SICA enables students to learn, discuss, and create social values through an innovative platform. As one of the major members of civil society, it is time for the youth to gather and nurture ourselves as social innovators with young creative minds. Through SICA, students can share and generate their thoughts to actually make them come true.

Founder and 1st President Group of SICA

Hyunggee Choi (Sustainable Development and Cooperation 14)

Hwajin Lee (Quantitative Risk Management 14)

Yohan Jung (Creative Technology Managment 14)


It is time for us to gather the young social innovators and encourage them to create changes for the betterment of the world. We believe that social innovation is starting new ideas that work in meeting social goals. For this to happen, we not only pin down the problems, but also expand in carrying out our creative thoughts. Our bold approaches will influence the individuals to build a sustainable society. 

SICA is here to challenge the world. 

SICA is here to inspire and be inspired by you.

SICA is here to suggest novel solutions to existing social issues.

SICA is here to remind that it is our responsibility to create a better life for everyone. 

SICA is here to make our days stronger and more prosperous.


If you have ever questioned yourself, the community, and the world, 

SICA is your answer. 


4th Presidency Group of SICA

Yeonji Lee (16, Culture and Design Management)

Najung Kim (16, Quantative Risk Management)

Jimin Lee (17, Economics)