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[Spring 2019] Millennials & Generation Z: Team Walk the Talk

Team Name: Walk the Talk

Team Members: Sung Jae Lee(Livingstone), Hee Soh, YooYeon Cha, Song Yoonjung

We recognized that the problems Generation Z was facing were all intricately connected to each other. Excessive work load, extreme competition, polluted environment, isolationism-- all were influencing, or to an extent draining the physical, psychological well being of the contemporary generation.

We realized that there wasn’t any solution that could solve all these problems, but we wanted to bring a change/solution that could alleviate these difficulties. We also recognized that considering the characteristics of Generation Z, the solution had to be simply and easily accessible/do-able. That was when we thought of “walking.” Walking may seem like a daily and insignificant activity. But we thought that the experience of walking could improve the mental, physical and social wellbeing of university students who suffer from extreme stress.

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