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[Spring 2019] Millennials & Generation Z: Team Emmental Cheese

Team Name: Emmental Cheese

Team Members: Jeehyun Byun, Jungsoo Kim, Chaeyoun Won, Hyunjun Cho

Our team decided to focus on a prevalent issue that many people in modern society are dealing with - mental illness and stress. Busy lives constantly stress out people, with most of them not even realizing it. We particularly emphasized on the stress of high school students that mainly arises from studying and education in Korean society. Due to their concerns about college admissions, they study day and night, leading to lack of sleep, stress, and consistent fatigue, which we thought is an important problem that concerns most of Korean high school students.

Our team’s solution to high school students’ stress was to provide a social media platform that offers diverse, wide-ranging healing contents that aim to relieve their stress in a healthy, sustainable way. Through Kakaotalk Plus Friends and an online website, we present weekly newsletters to subscribers that are customized to suit their individual interests or needs. This is differentiable from other methods of relieving stress, such as temporarily escaping or venting out emotions through stimulating activities like Internet cafes or karaoke bars, in that it is far healthier and long-lasting, while simultaneously being the least time-consuming possible. All stressed out subscribers need to do is to read our contents that they are interested in!

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