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[Humans of SICA]HyoJin Oh: You get what you work for, not what you wish for

1. You are selected as the next interviewee of Humans of SICA by HaUn How do you feel?

I’m not familiar with being an interviewee, so thank you SICA for giving me a chance! Also, this summer will be my last period of SICA, so I feel both sad and proud.

2. Please introduce yourself :)

Hello, everyone! My name is HyoJin Oh and I was the Education Director of SICA last semester. I am a UIC student majoring in Culture and Design Management.

I am an easy laugher who smiles a lot and likes to bring happiness to my people. Unlike other SICA members, I am actually a stay-at-home type who loves to watch movies, edit photographs, and play computer games XD.

3. You were the Edu Director of the SICA last semester, so please explain what you have been doing!

As an Education Director, my job was to plan SICA session programs for SICA members to joyfully participate in debate and generate creative idea about social innovation. The topic of our last semester project was “Better Lifestyle for Everyone”. All the executive members, including me, checked up with Business Team and Campaign Team idea development and presentations.

It was a great burden to develop all the new session schedule and programs, but executive members and Education department members of SICA helped me a lot. It was all the SICA members who made the SICA session programs to be joyful and meaningful.

4. How do you compare SICA to a movie or book?

I would say SICA is like Toystory. Each of us might be a small existence in the world and making a change in the world might sound unrealistic. However, like Toystory characters, if all of us are together for a certain goal, we can make a change in the world.

5. What are your hobbies or interests? Why did you start the activity?

I am interested in photography. I enjoy taking photographs because it shows a still moment that cannot be easily captured through our eyes. Moreover, it is a way to keep my memories.

These days, I am also interested in customer experience design. When going into diverse shops or entertainment space, I look at how the business delivers its brand message through the interior design and how the space induce people’s walking circulation. I guess I enjoy investigating how people react to certain space and its design.

6. What is your own definition of Social Innovation?

I define Social Innovation as “Creative and sustainable solution that brings a social change”.

7. Do you have any regrets during your SICA life?

As a SICA member, I felt the lack of time to talk deeply about what social innovation is and why we need it. Currently, there is no one definition of what social innovation is. Each person or each group defines it differently, but I believe all social innovators have same goal. In SICA, we were busy researching on different social problems and bringing up with creative solutions. I hope to have more time to discuss about the social innovation itself, what made the social problems to happen, and why we need to solve social problems. In fact, the next Education Director is planning to have more time to discuss those issues 😉.

8. Do you have a favorite saying or motto?

My motto is “You get what you work for, not what you wish for”. I know by myself that I am a lazy person and that statement actually makes me to move on to what I want to be. I hope everyone to be encouraged and act on to be the person they want to become. And as a next social innovator, let’s be the person who change the world not just wishing the better world to come.

9. This campaign is a relay. Please select the person to interview next.

Good luck, Seohyun😉

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