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[Humans of SICA]Seohyun Yi: present is a gift from the past

1. You are selected as the next interviewee of Humans of SICA by HyoJin How do you feel?

I was not expecting my turn this soon, but I’ll try my best to be candid:)

2.Please introduce yourself :)

Hello everyone! My name is Seohyun Yi, majoring in International Studies. I’m currently taking a semester off and working as a Student Researcher in a consulting firm. I love to exercise in my free time, entertain my cat, and stroll around the park whenever my head feels too occupied. I also like to visit new places since I’m one of those people who really can’t stay inside the house all day long.

3. You were the EA Director of the SICA last semester, can you explain about EA department briefly?

As the name implies, the External Affairs Department mainly communicates with outside groups that are affiliated with SICA. We primarily deal with umbrella groups, which are student-led organizations that are funded through SICA to implements projects and bring innovating changes to our society. We always need to ensure continuous interaction between our department and the umbrella groups while they are carrying out their projects to minimize possible financial or administrative problems.

4. . How do you compare SICA to a heritage?

I think 숭례문 would be the best representation of SICA. Listening to everyone’s different ideas during our general sessions reminds me of the vibrant colors of 숭례문’s rooftop.

5. What is your favorite movie or book?

My favorite book is 어떻게 살 것인가 by 유시민. I like reading books that give me insights about how to live my life.

6.What is your own definition of Social Innovation?

Process. I think this word encompasses the definition of social innovation. Most of us think of social innovation as the ultimate goal that we should all strive to achieve. Yet, I think results should not always be placed as priorities. It is rather the process, the trial and errors, that we experience as we try to achieve our goal because those are the little treasures that last:)

7. How did you get into SICA?

First, I applied for SICA out of curiosity. I didn’t know we were given the opportunity to carry out projects about our interested social problems. Through my experiences at SICA, I was able to learn my ambition and cope with new challenges.

8. Do you have a favorite saying or motto?

My favorite saying is present is a gift from the past.

9. This campaign is a relay. Please select the person to interview next.

Good luck Saem :)

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Jul 17, 2022

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