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[Humans of SICA] Yeseo Pyon: Clouds add color to my sunset sky

1. You are selected as the next interviewee of Humans of SICA by Yoonho! How do you feel?

I feel very honored and excited. I had a lot of fun reading Humans of SICA series. I have never expected my turn to come this soon.

2. Please introduce yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is Yeseo Pyon and I have been part of SICA for the last four semesters. Now that I am no longer an active member, I wonder how my Wednesdays will be without SICA.

I laugh easily and find happiness in small things, such as eating delicious food or visiting new places. I like capturing moments with photography. Looking back old photos brings back memories and takes me back to the past. I also enjoy listening to music especially those that not many people know. It makes me feel like I am discovering hidden gems.

I might appear shy and quiet, but once you get to know me you will see the fun and bright side of me.

3. You are part of the SICA umbrella group, SOL! Can you explain about SOL and its social impact briefly?

SOL, which stands for “sexual education for all” is a student organization that aims to create a society in which people respect each other based on an accurate understanding of body and sex. We are creating ‘성(性)장가방’, a kit designed to help parents teach and talk about body and sex with their children. Sex education in Korea has been conducted mainly in the public sphere, in school. We, however, believe that it should start at home. We hope that our kit helps parents become children's first source of information about body and sex.

4. How do you compare SICA to a dessert?

SICA is like a piñata cake. You never know what SICA is before you actually join! Back in my freshmen year, I listened to the presentation promoting SICA multiple times at orientation and pre-frosh workshop. I found SICA interesting and cool because I had never imagined college students can make social innovation happen. I was not sure how SICA does it, but once I joined I got to learn about what social innovation is and how can I take part in bringing a positive impact. Are you interested in creating small changes that make a big difference, but don't know how? SICA is right here for you!

5. What is your favorite movie, book or music?

It is very hard for me to pick one single song that I like. Among many hidden music gems, I really like On Your Own by Sense Field. This song is about how struggles in life make us grow. I recommend this song for those who feel unappreciated and who need encouragement to get through hard times.

6. What is your own definition of Social Innovation?

Social innovation is not only about creating something new but also about improving what has previously done. It is doing something more efficiently and effectively. It can be a product, process or even perception.

7. What was your most meaningful experience in SICA?

One of my most treasured experiences is SICA Delegate to Bangkok that took place this winter. It was my first time traveling abroad with my fellow SICA members. I learned about lean startup and the importance of failing fast to succeed sooner. Apart from gaining hands-on experience in social innovation, I was also able to bond with prospective students of Chulalongkorn University. I got to broaden my perspective and experience the authentic local culture. I cherish the memories and relationships I built there. I hope you do not miss out on this amazing opportunity, Global Innovation Tour that SICA provides!

8. Do you have a favorite saying or motto?

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” Everyone goes through thick and thin. No one including myself likes pain, but yet it is inevitable. This quote helps me stay positive and strong when I face storms of my life.

9. This campaign is a relay. Please select the person to interview next!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my interview. Youngsun, you are up next!

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