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[Humans of SICA]Yoonho Kang: Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are!

1. You are selected as the next interviewee of Humans of SICA by Margeunsaem How do you feel?

Happy? I guess?

2. Please introduce yourself!

Hey everyone! My name is Yoonho Kang, and I originally come from Costa Rica. I’m a senior majoring economics and have been part of SICA for the last 3 semesters.

3. Now that SICA is on recruitment period, what would you like to say if you could recommend SICA to students who want to enter the next semester?

I would like to say buckle up because it’s going to be a rough ride, SICA can be tough at times. But I’d also like to tell them it’s definitely worth the hassle. You’ll see things in a new perspective and this will help formulate not only your academics at Yonsei but also your future career.

4. How do you compare SICA to a car?

There’s a Chinese car brand named BYD. They are the Tesla wannabes but they’re not quite there, but what I like about this brand is that they really try hard and have achieved moderate success through a lot of trials and errors. The reason I chose this brand is because we are a new thing and we have failed miserably at times but we’re trying hard and we’ve also achieved goals. For now, we may not be the great big thing but we are on our way and I’m confident that we have potential to achieve greatness.

5. What is your favorite movie or book?!

An all-time favorite for me is the book by Harper Lee called To Kill a Mockingbird. The book takes place in the deep South of the US during a time were black people were heavily discriminated against. The main character, Scout Finch goes through a series of events that teach her lessons about people and life., including the trial and death of a wrongly accused black man. The reason I really enjoyed this book is because although the book deals with cold and depressing topics such as rape and racial inequality, the general atmosphere is warm and hopeful. Personally, the biggest lesson I took from the book is the fact that nothing in life is what it seems, and we must experience it firsthand to truly understand the nature of the person or thing that we are dealing with; like the irrational fears that Scout Finch had against his reclusive neighbor Boo Radley.

6. What is your own definition of Social Innovation?

Social innovation cannot really be defined by a blanket definition, but I believe social innovation is anything that solves a social problem, or at least improves the situation with a sustainable yet morally responsible solution.

7. What is your favorite memory in SICA?

My favorite memory of SICA is the first trip abroad we took to Thailand. Thailand itself is a charming nation full of great food, culture and people but it was also special because it was the first time for me to represent Yonsei and Korea abroad. I also very much enjoyed the co-workshop the Chulalongkorn University. The students were very warm and welcoming not to mention smart and inquisitive. It was a great opportunity to share ideas among peers of other nations and also a rare opportunity to hear firsthand about the local culture. A SICA privilege lol

8. Do you have a favorite saying or motto?

“Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are! We’re not who we say we are, we’re not who we want to be – we are the sum of the influence and impact that we have, in our lives, on others.”

— Carl Sagan

There are many quotes I like but this one feels the most relevant as I have my last semester ahead of me. When you live in Korea, one becomes very realistic. You forget about some of the “young” dreams you have. I’ve always thought myself to be an altruistic person and wanted to work for an NGO to help as many people as I can, but society standards will tell you are a loser in its eyes. Although this quote did not make me revert my career choice, it reminds me of the values that I have been forgetting.

9. This campaign is a relay. Please select the person to interview next.


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