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[Spring 2018] Better life for all: Team CoffeeBAK

Team name: Coffee BAK

Team member: Sungmin Choi, Joomin Lee, Sumin Lee, Juho Lee

1. Please describe your team briefly.

We are the most cooperative campaign team that shares the greatest rapport. We are campaign team 2!

2. What was the problem you tackled?

We tackled the problem of coffee waste. 266,000 tons of coffee is wasted each year in korea. Because of 폐기물 관리법 25조 the coffee waste cannot be transported elsewhere and turned into biomass energy. This is very costly, not only is there massive opportunity cost, but the economic net loss of disposing the coffee waste is also tremendous.

3. What were your solutions for the problems, in detail? Tell me about your project!

We campaigned to raise awareness. We wanted people to learn that coffee waste was a problem! We also wanted them to learn that coffee could be turned into biomass energy. If our campaign got off the floor, we would ideally have wanted to turn it into a national campaign and raise awareness on a national level. Once this happened we would start a petition calling for amendments in 폐기물 관리법 25조. Our actual campaign involved us going to the Songdo international campus and distributing coffee waste based air fresheners. Along with them, we handed out fliers with information on the severity of the coffee waste problem and biomass energy. We conducted surveys before and after our campaign to see what effect the campaign had on people’s perception of coffee waste. We found that more people thought of coffee waste as a problem than did before the survery.

4. How was the experience of your own project?

Our team experience was good. Our team developed great rapport amongst each other. We got to know each other better through planning and conducting our campaign.

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