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[Spring 2018] Better life for all: Team Hashtag

Team name: Team hashtag

Team member's name: Yeseo Pyon, Woojin You, Dahee Han, Tae Ho Kim

1. Please describe your team briefly.

We are a campaign team that tried to tackle the problem of food waste by making our own form of platform.

2. What was the problem you tackled?

We tackled the problem of food waste. Food waste is a global problem and an ongoing phenomenon. So we felt the importance to reduce food waste in order to reduce the costs to society and the environment. However, as a small team we could not tackle this issue in a global level so we decided to target korea and more specifically the students living in YIC Dorm.

3. What were your solutions for the problems, in detail? Tell me about your project!

Our solution for the problem of food waste in YIC dorm was to enhance the features of existing platforms and provide our own page that allows students to share left over food. Existing platforms such as the facebook 18 freshmen page possessed a wide audience, but the variety of posts made it hard for people to see food related posts. Hence, we felt the importance to make an independent page solely for the purposes of food sharing.

4. How was the experience of your own project?

Our overall experience of the project was great! Every single team member did they very best and we all went along very well together. Moreover, by tackling the problem of food waste this project enabled us to really understand the seriousness of this issue.

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