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[Spring 2018] Better life for all: Team DOMO

Team name: DOMO

Team member's name: Soonho Kwon, Jaeik Lee, Youngsun Om, Yoonhyung Jung

1. Please describe your team briefly.

We aim to create a hub for modern population suffering from lonliness to mingle and make new friends through cocktail classes.

2. What was the problem you tackled?

People of our age suffer from lonliness. Lonliness often leads to depression and bad mental health. Mild or strong, lonliness not only cause pain to individuals but also to the society as a whole.

3. What were your solutions for the problems, in detail? Tell me about your project!

Our solution was to create a place where people can meet and share something in common. In doing so, we thought sharing a hobby and drinking together would be a great way to resolve the problem. So our team came up with the idea of weekly cocktail class where people come together, make cocktail together under the train instructors in recreation and cocktail making, and participate in weekly activities such as cocktail creation challenge through online chatrooms and facebook groups.

4. How was the experience of your own project?

Our team struggled a lot from the beginning. We had to change our model multiple times because we were not able to narrow the targets down and find an efficient model; yet, once we got the hang of it, it became easier and easier to research on the topics and put them together to make something brand new. The fact that we were creating a model to help people, and seeing it developing every week to become a better and stronger model, was genuenly and amazing experience.

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