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[Spring 2018] Better life for all: Team Jin Dal Rae

Team name: Jin Dal Rae

Team member's name: Raun Hong, Seong Hyeon Son, Kyeong Seo Min

1. Please describe your team briefly.

Our team consists of 3 upperclassmen. Two of our members major in JCL and the other majors in STP. We were generally interested in the well being of married couples in Korean society.

2. What was the problem you tackled?

The problem we tackled was lack of communication between mid-age married couples. We understood such lack of communication between the married partners lead up to social disconnection of the aged people.

3. What were your solutions for the problems, in detail? Tell me about your project!

Our solution to the problem was 학습지 model. Our 학습지 includes activities the couples can do together, suggestions for couples, questionarres about partners such as partner's hobbies, preference, and daily life. Mentors are to visit the couples on regular basis to encourage and motivate couples to communicate with each other.

4. How was the experience of your own project?

It was an opportunity to see world in different eyes. I spend a lot of time what would social minority feel in our society and I beleive there are many others who try to put themselves in shoes of minorities. However, it was first time for me to actually put myself in shoes of mid-age middle class such as my parents. Lack of communication in marriage is a huge social problem while it is hard to understand the issue fully as it is hard to put 20year olld self into the issue. Through this experience.

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